Sailfish x86 Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of Sailfish x86. Sailfish x86 is a port of Jolla’s Sailfish OS for x86_64 computers with a standard UEFI BIOS, with kernels, modules, and firmware from Ubuntu 20.04. Therefore, many devices will be supported. However, slight configuration changes may be needed for some devices.

Sailfish x86 is maintained by Heng Ye, with help of the SailfishOS Porters community, on freenode and Telegram. Special thanks go to TheKit and Elros34. The port is based on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 port, by Adam Pigg.

It is possible to run Sailfish x86 on any standard x86_64 PC with a UEFI BIOS that supports the GRUB bootloader and Ubuntu 20.04. However, it may need slight tweaks for the best experience.